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40425 252nd Street
MITCHEL , SD 57301
United States
605.770.0111 (Main Phone)
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Rubber Water Tanks for Cattle, Sheep, Buffalo, Horses and Exotic Animals
Wind Breaks - Feed Bunks - Bale Feeders - Scrapers for Feedlots and Barns

Wenzel Construction manufactures new and used earth moving tires into rubber water tanks. Also available from these tires are feedlot and dairy barn scrapers, bale feeders, feed bunks and wind break material.

Energy Free Rubber Water Tanks

With energy free rubber water tanks, you don't have to worry about heating your tanks except maybe in extremely harsh winter cold snaps. Drink holes are custom cut into the top of the tire for your livestock to drink from. Up to 4 holes can be placed in any position to suit your particular needs. These tanks are available from 6' to 11' wide.

Why use rubber tanks instead of others?

Cement, bentonite or steel plates are used for bottoms.
If steel plates are installed, they have a handy hook in the center to pick them up and to move them around.
Portable tanks are made with steel bottoms.
You can lag screw floats to the side of the tank.
Easy to install center feed and heat riser with drains and overflows.
Livestock can't damage when pushing or stepping on them.
Safe on livestock - fabric tires are used in production.
They can be installed in the winter no matter how cold, by using bentonite.
Water tanks are 4 to 6 inches thick for good insulation during cold months.
We have several stocked dealers. Delivery is also available from our Production Headquarters.
5' to 13' sizes are available. We can also produce tanks to your specifications.