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ID# 000800


Box 9,
Benito, MB R0L 0C0
1-204-400-1170 (Main Phone)
Category: Hay/Forage
Description Photos
ONLY LandRoller That Can Level, Seed and Roll
MultiTrailer 3 in 1
5th Wheel Bale Trailer
Ÿ Quick Dump Trailer for Round Bales
Ÿ One Trailer for All Your JOBS!
Ÿ Round/Square Bales & Machinery
Ÿ High Speed One Man System
Ÿ Combine Two 18ft Swaths!
Ÿ Completely Crush/Split Stems
Ÿ Move Swaths Onto Dry Ground
Ÿ Increase Forage Value and Quality
Ÿ Pays for Itself in the First Year!
Cut Drying Time 30 - 65%
With a ReCon 400 3PP
Combine two 18ft swaths
into one 36ft windrow!
or call 888-603-0277
Ready For Delivery
Pasture Doctor
Ag Shield LandRollers
Ÿ Bring CRP ground back into production
without tillage or working land!
Ÿ Speed up harvest without worrying about rocks
Ÿ Flatten Corn Stalks and Root Balls
Ÿ 11 - 70ft 1,3,5 Section Rollers